We useĀ lot of different equipment, techniques, and analyses ain our lab. Below are variety of protocols that are used in the lab. Most will be generally useful to anyone interested in generating or analyzing molecular genetic data. However, a few (e.g. online ordering data base) will be lab specific. CLICK on any of the links below to download a PDF copy of the protocol.

Note:many of these are old school techniques focused on Sanger sequencing. We will be updating this page in the future with new next-generation DNA sequencing methods. Stay tuned.

Laboratory Protocols
DNA Extraction: Chelex
DNA Extraction: Detailed Chelex Extraction Protocol
PCR: Diluting dNTPs
PCR: Doing PCR
PCR: Making and Diluting TBE
PCR: Electrophoresis of PCR Products
PCR: Using the GelDoc System
PCR: SAP/EXO Cleanup of PCR Products
PCR: Detailed SAP/EXO Cleanup of PCR Products
Cloning: Making LB Plates
Coning: Cloning PCR Produts
Sequencing: Acrylimide Gel
Sequencing: Pouring and Running Gels on ABI377
Sequencing: Cycle Sequencing
Sequencing: Using Membrane Combs
Sequencing: Sequencing Cheat Sheet
Microsatellites: Library Development
Microsatellites: Running Microsatellites on ABI377

Extraction/PCR/Sequencing FormsĀ 
DNA Extraction Sheet
PCR Worksheet-24 Sample
PCR Worksheet-96 Sample
ExoSap Form
Cycle Sequencing Worksheet
GeneScan Worksheet

Data Analysis Cheet Sheets

EndNote Protocols
EndNote Cheet Sheet
Attaching PDF’s in EndNote

Useful In House Lab Protocols
Using online ordering database